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Terminal Checklist - KCGI ILS or LOC Rwy 10 (from Pro Pilot 06/2014)

Professional Pilot magazine's "Terminal Checklist" is a monthly "must read." Thank you, Murry Smith, for making these available.


When possible, the FAA NACO / NOS plate has been included to supplement the original Jeppesen example.


Can't find the answers? They will be posted after the month's Instrument Proficiency Club's meeting.

(Answers now posted!)




Professional Pilot Magazine

June, 2014



This note will serve as written permission from me, Murray Smith, as editor and publisher of Professional Pilot magazine, to allow you to reprint, distribute to your own immediate group and use for education any and all editions of Professional Pilot's Terminal Checklist quiz for purposes of discussion and instruction and not for resale. There is no charge to Professional Pilot magazine for this permission.
Murray Smith
Editor & Publisher
Professional Pilot magazine
11 September, 2014


ATTACHMENTS ------------->>>>>>> : KCGI_Terminal_Checklist.pdf, KCGI_Answers.pdf

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