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Private Pilot Airplane Training & Cost Calculator

THE PRIVATE PILOT CERTIFICATE enables you to operate in clear weather (under visual flight rules, or VFR), day and night, for pleasure or personal business.
THE FAA requires a minimum of 40-hours total flight time for the Private Pilot certificate. (Re: CFR) However, the amount of instructional time needed is influenced by each individual’s experience, ability, and training schedule. Typical Paragon clients train for recreation and challenge. They schedule lessons once or twice a week. Taking into account interruptions because of other commitments such as business, vacation, illness, holidays, family, and budget, it is common for such a customer to take from 12 to 18 months to complete the training.
NATIONAL AVERAGE to obtain a Private certificate runs from 75 to 85 flight hours, considerably more than the FAA’s required minimum. ("Around 77 hours," according to Martha King, Flying Magazine August 2014 page 42.) Naturally, aviation university students who fly daily will finish sooner than individuals who can only fly every other week and frequently need to cancel because of professional or personal demands.
You should understand real world completion expectations. Carefully investigate businesses which quote costs for a 40-hour course. Your total training cost depends on many variables: Aircraft used; Schedule; Individual study skills; Season; Personal distractions.
And yes, you can usually pay as you go! You might also budget your training around regular monthly payments. Putting money on account every month builds your reserve during slow months to keep you flying when the sun shines!
AVIATION IS the ultimate adult educational environment because the learning never stops! A pilot’s training is only limited by her or his enthusiasm. The freedom and unlimited potential of flight rewards for a lifetime! But, there is nothing more exensive than cheap flight instruction. You end up paying twice: once for the crash course, then again to correct for mistakes, to unlearn unsafe habits and to fill gaps in knowledge. It is easiest, best, and most cost effective to learn correctly the first time.
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Estimated Training Cost
Fill in the appropriate figures. Do not include "$" sign - Use digits only!
TSA Access Badge and/or Airport Gate Card (if any)  
Flight Physical  
Texts and Supplies  
On-line or DVD Ground Study Prep (if any)  
Computerized Knowledge Test fee (EAA or AOPA discount may apply)  
Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI), per hour
Flying Club Initial Membership Buy-In, if any)
Aircraft, per hour Model:
Examiner Check Ride fee  
TSA Access Badge and/or Airport Gate Card (if any)
Class III Flight Physical (on average)
Flying Club Initial Membership Buy-In, if any)
Sub Administrative & Medical $ 
GROUND Time   Rate   Total
Training Texts, supplies, and handouts          
On-line or DVD Ground Study Prep (if any)          
One-on-one ground instruction tutorial for written exam and towards check ride (on average)   hrs. per hr.
Computerized Knowledge Test fee          
Sub Ground $ 
FLIGHT Time   Rate   Total
CFI: Pre/postflight briefings: Flight Lessons -- hrs. per pre/post brief
    hrs. per hr.
CFI: Flight Instruction:   hrs. per hr.
CFI Flight Training Cost 
Aircraft, dual: hrs. per hr.
Aircraft, solo: hrs. per hr.
Aircraft Cost 
Sub Flight $ 
CHECK RIDE Time   Rate   Total
Examiner: Check Ride Fee          
Aircraft: Check Ride. hrs. per hr.
Sub Check Ride $ 
Private Pilot Estimated Total $ 



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