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Martha Lunken on the demise of General Aviation

What has happened to General Aviation? The industry has numerous initiatives to "save" it. How did aviation, with its adventure and freedom, reach these lows?


Columnist Martha Lunken penned her opinions in Flying Magazine of October 2012. It is well worth the read as a thought-piece.


[...] The noticeable general aviatiom "malaise" in my part of the world puzzles and worries me. Why? What's behind this downturn in student starts, number of certificates issued and airplanes sold and increase in airports falling prey to bulldozer? I just can't accept the idea it's that's due to outrageous airplane, insurance and fuel cost. [...]

See, I think flying airplanes is, at its core, about freedom and developing self-reliance, about making informed decisions and taking responsability for yourself and actions, about independence and energy and hard work

I worry that we are abdicating core American values and becoming a a dependent people for whom risk taking is unacceptable.

We are teaching a generation that it's not our responsability but rather the role of government to protectus from injury even if we don't use reasonable caution and commmon sense. Like sheep we accept mandated seat belts, car seats, air bags, texting, smoking, baby crib design and bicycle helmets.

Yeah, I know all these laws and regulations can save lives, but where does it end? [...]


Curiously, this article is not listed with her other columns on the web site. Too close to the truth?


Here's the complete article attached to this FAQ.


From: "Flying Opinion/Unusual Attitudes: A Tale of Two Pilots" by Martha Lunken

Flying Magazine

October 2012, page 68


Excerpts from:;wap2

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