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Is TSA necessary? Or legal?

 Has TSA outlived its usefulness?


According to William Garvey, after the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, "the attack marked the beginning of a series of surrenders of our freedoms in the name of security. One the public yielded most quickly -- or conceded by inaction -- was right up there with rights of assembly, speech, worship and privacy. It was the freedom to move about at will, a right anchored in a presumption of innocence."

See the great article by William Garvey attached at the end of this FAQ for more information on this subject.


From: "Viewpoint: An End to Surrender" by William Garvey

Business & Commerical Aviation

September 2011, pg. 9

ATTACHMENTS ------------->>>>>>> : An_End_to_Surrender_Garvey_BCA_Sep11.pdf

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