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This USAF pilot impressed with your quality operation...



It was great to fly with you a few weeks ago.  I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to get wheel landings down ... maybe when we visit Bozeman again, we'll see if I can perfect them!

I just wanted you to know again, how impressed I was with your company and the instruction you provided.  Being in the Air Force, we sometimes jokingly refer to less-professional air forces (or even services!) as 'aero clubs,' meaning they don't have the same professional desire to excel in flying.  Paragon, however, truly exemplies quality in aviation instruction.  In fact, I would be interested in someday flying with you [as an employee].  I will keep in touch, and hope the best for your business.

Fly safe & check 6,

Robert "Cricket" R.

USAF F-15 Captain

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