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Please give me an overview of your Mountain Flying courses.

   Paragon's mountain flying courses vary by individual. aircraft, weather, and interest. The training can be as benign as operating in the valley to as challenging as low level search techniques. Generally, the progression of sessions is
   (1) Familiarization and Orientation around the Bridger Mountains (15 miles NE of the field).
   (2) Canyon route to Big Sky, across Jack Creek Drainage to Ennis/Big Sky, then along the Tobacco Root Mountains to home.
   (3) Mini mountain XC to Gardiner airstrip for pattern work, then either home or to West Yellowstone airport and back.
   (4) Long XC Bozeman to Driggs Idaho (west side of Teton National Park) for lunch, then back by way of Jackson Wyoming, east face of the Tetons, and across Yellowstone National Park. Additional options:
   > Sod strip practice out of area private fields.
   > Weather flying
   > XC to Glacier National Park

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