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Flight Review - Documents

The following are links to material guaranteed to make you a more well-rounded, knowledgeable, critically thinking pilot who is in better command of your aircraft.

These documents will assist you in preparing for your Flight Review. The order of the list is arbitrary. You will gravitate to those of most interest, and which will best assist you in developing, exercising, and maintaining your safe operating practices. Ideally, you will regularly return to this list as months go by and memory becomes rusty.

PDF FAA's "Conducting an Effective Flight Review"
PDF AOPA's Pilot's Guide to the Flight Review (sa03)
HTML AOPA Air Safety Institute's Flight Risk Evaluator app (FREE) [11/2013]
HTML Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs - a.k.a "FARs") from RisingUp.com
HTML On-Line FAR [CFR]/AIM (Aeronautical Information Manual) from Gleim.com
HTML Advisory Circulars (ACs) from FAA.gov
HTML FAA Digital Charting Products - Approach Plates, A/FD, Sectionals, Chart User's Guide, MORE!
PDF How to Instantly Improve Your Flying - Tips from Top Guns
HTML "Robert's Rules" by Frank Kingston Smith
PDF How to Obtain a Good Weather Briefing (FAA-P-8740-30)
PDF AOPA's Weather Strategies
PDF AOPA's Weather Tactics
HTML "178 Seconds To Live" by Unknown Author
PDF AOPA's Airspace for Everyone
PDF AOPA's Operations at Nontowered Airports
PDF AOPA's Operations at Towered Airports
HTML How To Avoid A Mid Air Collision (FAA-P-8740-51)
PDF AOPA's Collision Avoidance
AOPA's Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO)
PDF Tips On Mountain Flying (FAA-P-8740-60)
PDF Sparky Imeson's Mountain Flying Cross Country Guide
HTML Dead Reckoning Navigation (FAA-P-8740-22)
HTML PDF Density Altitude (FAA-P-8740-2)
HTML Tips On Winter Flying (FAA-P-8740-24)
HTML Paragon's On-Line Interactive Quiz B: General Airplane Operations
HTML Planning Your Takeoff (FAA-P-8740-23)
HTML Impossible Turn (FAA-P-8740-44)
PDF AOPA's The Ups and Downs of Takeoffs and Landings
HTML Pilot Perogatives (FAA-P-8740-17)
HTML AOPA's Propeller Safety
HTML PDF Time In Your Tanks (FAA-P-8740-3)
PDF AOPA's Fuel Awareness
HTML Exams4Pilots Practice FAA Knowledge Tests (feel free to email me your results page).
PDF FAA Practical Test Standards for your particular certificate and rating.